Dichroic Glass Bottle Stopper.  $20.00

Pair of Glass Fused Barrettes.  $20.00

Dichroic Necklace Pendant & Glass Fused Earrings Set.  $30.00

Writing Pen with Blue Ink.  $20.00

Dichroic Glass Bottle Stopper.  $20.00

Spa Bar Foot File.  $30.00

Each jewelry and accessory item for sale is one-of-a-kind and handmade. 

The item shown is the one you will receive.  Thank you for shopping with us!


 Fused Glass Pendant.  $20.00

Glass Fused Pendant.  $20.00


Dichroic &  Fused Glass  Jewelry and Accessories

One cannot hold a torch to light another's path without lighting their own!

Please contact us via Email at:  hummingbirdhuesllc@gmail.com

Beaded Necklace.  $10.00

Writing Pen with Blue Ink .  $20.00

Pair of Fused Glass Hair Pins.  Bats.  $5.00

Dichroic Necklace Pendant & Earrings Set.  $30.00

Fused Glass Pendant & Earrings Set. 

Pair of Fused Glass Hair Pins.  Spiders.  $5.00

Keychain with Hearts & Roses. 

Pair of Dichroic Barrettes.  $20.00

Pair of Fused Glass Barrettes.  $20.00

Pair of Fused Glass Hair Pins.  Frankenstein.  $5.00

 Keychain with glasses.  $15.00

Pair of Fused Glass Hair Pins.  Skulls.  $5.00

Glass Fused Earrings.  $10.00

Pair of Fused Glass Barrettes.  $20.00

Glass Nail File Medium.  $20.00